Della Fuoco Working Dogs

Are you looking for a top-notch working dog with the versatility to excel in multiple venues?

Della Fuoco Working Dogs was established in 2011. Our vision for our program is to consistently produce an extremely versatile dog that can excel in any venue. A dog of sound mind and sound body, with all of the genetic components required for success, and subject only to the limitations of its handler. A dog that is pleasant to live with outside of working applications but without sacrificing the drive, heart and tenacity needed for the most rigorous working applications. 

Dogs from our program are currently working as dual purpose police dogs, single purpose police dogs, protection dogs, FEMA/SAR dogs, service dogs, competing in sports: French Ring, PSA, APPDA, dock diving, disc, lure coursing.

what we offer

Lifetime breeder support

Della Fuoco Working Dogs is committed to  providing handlers with not only the best dogs they’ll find but also to over a decade’s worth of knowledge on bloodlines, training and raising of KNPV line dogs. That’s why we offer lifetime breeder support.
We do our best to ensure we keep tabs on every single dog we breed, no matter where they are or what their role in society may be. We are committed to maintaining high standards not only in our breeding selections but in our dedication to every handler that has a puppy from our program. 


We specialize in breeding KNPV line Dutch Shepherds and Malinois.
To learn more about each of our individual dogs, please visit our “Dogs” page.

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