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BRN #18199


Castor was our foundation stud dog, imported from Holland. He was very intelligent, calculated, clear-headed, high drive, hard-biting, hard-hitting, possessive, stoic, healthy, could handle tons of pressure and enjoyed it, socially neutral, no dog aggression. The type of dog that you had to out-think, not out muscle. He wasn’t very fun to live with because if he didn’t want to do something, there was no making him do it. He was ALWAYS ready to fight should you try to challenge him.

Castor has contributed to our program by passing on the FOLLOWING TRAITS TO HIS PROGENY:

  • High drive
  • Clear head
  • Purposeful behavior
  • Bites with intent
  • Social/social neutrality with people and dogs
  • Physical and mental durability, not handler sensitive
  • High pain tolerance
  • Very healthy in general
  • Cleanliness


castor x angel

BRN #31911

Bacchus was a large male out of our B litter. Bacchus had high levels of arousal with insatiable drive and stamina. He was an extreme dog in every sense of the word.


castor x angel

BRN #31911

BRN #26727

CGC, BH, PSA-PDC explosives detection dog 

Blaze is a moderately sized female from our B litter. Blaze is intense in everything she does. She is bold, fearless and full of drive. She loves to work and is the perfect picture of controlled aggression. 


    Castor x angel 

    BRN #24569

    Athena is a large female out of our B litter. She is social and trustworthy, has strong character, tons of drive.


    Manni x sin

    BRN #26943

    Explosives detection dog 

    Sif is a petite female with an extremely stable, open, social, happy demeanor. She is a comical dog by nature, with a puppy-like disposition. Sif produces dogs with a bit of an edge. 


    Manni x sin

    BRN #26497


    Maca is a large, powerful female. She is a super balanced dog with thick nerve, sociability, and working qualities comparable to even the most impressive stud dogs. 


    Bacchus x Maca

    BRN #37714

    Gorgonzola “Zola” is a petite female out of our G litter. She has intense prey and ball drive, loves to hunt and retrieve, has bomb proof nerves and is open and social. She has produced dogs that are training and/or competing in French Ring, PSA, APPDA, FEMA SAR and personal protection. 


    bacchus x Maca 

    BRN #37715

    French Ring 1, PSA-PDC

    Ghita is a larger female out of our G litter. She has incredible drive in all areas yet is stable and balanced with strong nerve. 


    Bacchus x Maca 

    BRN #37724

    Dual Purpose Police Dog 

    Gastone in a large male out of our G litter. Much like his father, he is an extreme dog and takes his job seriously. 


    Iggy x sif 

    BRN #41653

    Mambo is out of our M litter. He is a compact, muscular, medium sized dog. He has steady, calculated drive with a serious side.


    Reno x blaze 

    BRN #37716

    In training for PSA

    Iggy is a medium sized dog out of our I litter. Iggy has high drive and high arousal, beautiful genetic grips, and a stable, balanced temperament. 


    Evil x athena

    psa-PDC, french ring csau

    BRN #41848

    Orso is out of our O litter. He is a large male with a very balanced, social, stable temperament. He is high drive with beautiful genetic grips. 


    orso x gorgonzola

    In training for psa and french ring

    BRN #46765

    Umami is our pick female out of the first combination of orso x gorgonzola. She is high drive, stable, independent, self-assured, socially neutral and strong nerved. She is an excellent representation of what we strive to produce.


    Qlark x lucia

    In training for psa with blue ridge working dog club

    BRN #49243

    Alessia is out of qlark (odin x maca/q litter) x lucia (iggy x gorgonzola/l litter). She has extreme prey drive but an equally impressive off switch. She is socially neutral and solid nerved.


    All of our breeding stock are radiographed and evaluated by both OFA and PennHIP. This ensures proper joint conformation and lack of dysplasia (hip, elbow) as well as normal spines free of spondylosis and transitional vertebrae.

    Working Guarantee

    We guarantee workability as a dual purpose police dog, single purpose police dog, personal protection dog, or sport dog.
    In the event that the buyer wishes to pursue the health or working guarantee for any reason, the dog must be returned to the breeder in good mental and physical condition (proper weight, up to date on appropriate vaccines), at the buyer’s expense. 

    Breeder will provide a replacement puppy from a current or future litter. 


    Puppies are $2500 at 8-10 weeks.

    Older puppies and green dogs are priced on a case-by-case basis,
    reflecting the quality of the dog and level of training.


    We specialize in breeding KNPV line Dutch Shepherds and Malinois.
    To learn more about the dogs we breed,
    please visit our “Dogs” page.


    We offer foundational training for both working and sport applications.
    To learn more about how Della Fuoco prepares dogs for service, please visit our Training page.

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